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Creating and restoring joy for Australian children recovering from abuse.

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Creating Joy. Restoring Joy.

At Eden Gifts everything we do is focussed on creating joy. The kind of unbridled joy that comes from giving and receiving a thoughtful gift.

Partnering with the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Australian Childhood Foundation

Just as joy can be given, it can sadly be taken away. When children are abused, the joy that should define their childhood often becomes overshadowed by the dark clouds of trauma. That is why we partner with The Australian Childhood Foundation to support children to recover from abuse. To restore their joy.

Giving back is built into our foundations.

Giving back to the community is a core focus for Eden Gifts, which is why we built it into our business model from the outset. Just as we’ve invested in the brand and the business itself, we’ve also invested in exploring how we can have the greatest impact through giving back.

In light of this, we have researched some of the most pressing social issues facing the community today, consulted with individuals working in the not-for-profit sector, explored a range of “giving back” models employed by other businesses and done a sector scan and due diligence on potential charity partners.

Why the Australian Childhood Foundation?

Early on, we decided to focus our giving on preventing and responding to child abuse, given this issue has such a broad and deep impact across the community and throughout all generations. We were confronted to learn about the prevalence of child abuse in Australia and around the world, and the deep trauma it inflicts on young lives.

The focus of our business is not only to create joy, but also to restore it, where it has been overshadowed by clouds of trauma.

We also chose this focus because there is a clear link with the focus of our business. Gift-giving is motivated by love and it elicits joy - two things that are taken away when children are abused.

The focus of our business is not only to create joy, but also to restore it, where it has been overshadowed by the dark clouds of trauma.

Having identified this focus for our giving, we looked at all the organisations working in this space and felt that the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) was the best fit. We’re impressed by their calibre of staff the quality of their programs, their track record, their thoughtful leadership, and the support provided to professionals working in the space, along side their direct service provision and prevention education programs. ACF also work nationally, including a strong presence in Adelaide, which is the home base of Eden Gifts.

How are we supporting the Australian Childhood Foundation?

Eden Gifts is proud to support the Australian Childhood Foundation. Together, we believe that every child deserves a safe and happy childhood filled with love, and free from violence, abuse and trauma. By supporting us you are also helping provide specialist therapeutic support to help children heal and educating and empowering communities to safeguard children from abuse. For more information on the work of the Australian Childhood Foundation please visit their website

Financial Giving

Every purchase from our online store goes directly to the work of the Australian Childhood Foundation.

  • $1 from each online sale from our general gift range.
  • $5 from each online sale from our Eden Home Luxury Range.

Look for these stickers on each of the product pages, to know how much you are contributing to the Australian Childhood Foundation.

One Dollar
Five Dollars

Impact of the Australian Childhood Foundation

The impact of the Australian Childhood Foundation is far reaching and has a well-established reputation.

The Foundation helps children in four key ways:

Helping children heal

Providing specialised therapeutic support children need to heal and recover from the devastating impacts of abuse, neglect and family violence.

Keeping children safe

Building the ability and confidence of organisations and families to protect children and provide parents with education and support to help them raise happy, safe and loved children.

Standing up for children

Advocating for laws and policies to create a safer world for all children while strengthening community attitudes that prioritise the rights of children.

Creating understanding about what children need

Educating adults to care for and work with children who have experienced trauma, ensuring responsive and informed approaches to complex needs.

The Foundation have proven their work over time, with these invaluable statistics:


don’t experience further foster care placement breakdowns after coming to the Foundation


experience a reduction in their trauma symptoms as a result of their involvement with the Foundation


catch up to their age-appropriate academic level as a result of their involvement with the Foundation


report an increase in confidence as a result of the support and training they received from the Foundation

The Foundation work Australia-wide, in these key locations:

Map of Australia

Start shopping today to start restoring joy in the lives of Australian children.

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