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Eden was born out of a love for gift giving.

Bernreiter Family

Our Story

Hello! Meet team Bernreiter. An Aussie country girl (Alissa) who met an Austrian (Patrick) while on her first trip overseas and the rest is history. Married with three beautiful children, we are a family-run business based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Eden means a state a perfect happiness or bliss and this is the outcome we seek to achieve with every gift we create.

The Eden story was born out of a love for gift giving, design, and a passion to see people experience joy through thoughtful, curated gifts.

Eden means “a state a perfect happiness or bliss” and this is the outcome we seek to achieve with every gift we create.

Eden is all about the celebration of people! Our passion is to help choose the perfect gift for their family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues or clients that each have their own unique qualities that make them amazing.

Bernreiter Family

Our Products

We are a modern gifting service that specialises in creative and elegant gifts! Most of us know what it’s like to receive a generic gift that’s been awkwardly unwrapped and perhaps reluctantly accepted. Our desire is ensuring every gift package from Eden is creative and stylish, and most importantly extremely personal and memorable.

Most of us know what it’s like to receive a generic gift that’s awkwardly unwrapped and reluctantly accepted.

We love creating gifts that celebrate the people in your world! Friends, family, colleagues or clients, we have it covered! Whether it’s someone who is ‘the sporty’, or ‘the coffee lover’, ‘the green thumb’, ‘the home stylist’ or ‘the foodie,’ our range of gifts ensures you never get it wrong. Add one of our beautifully designed cards to celebrate the occasion and we will hand write the message with love.

So why Eden?

  • Delivering maximum joy with minimum effort
  • Gifting made simple, yet tasteful
  • We only choose products we love
  • We support Australian businesses, or organisations from around the world that have an ethical and fair-trade focus
  • We are committed to not only creating joy but restoring joy back to Australian children.

Our Experience

Together we have always had a love for great design. Patrick, also known as Mr Practical, with a gift in operations and management, combined with Alissa’s gift of creativity, makes for a well-rounded team. At times, finding the balance of function and beautiful design has always been our largest point of tension, but has always enabled us to produce great results together.

Patrick and Alissa have personally built and renovated over 10 properties, worked on large scale building projects, and have been part of designing a variety of creative sets for community events. In Alissa’s previous role, she was responsible for creatively designing all gift giving for both local and global clients; this included anything from high end personal gifts to hundreds of Christmas gifts for children with cancer.

Alissa is the Founder of Eden Gifts by Design. With an absolute love for gift giving, design, people and the community, Eden was the perfect fit! And so the adventure begins…

You Shop, We Give.

Creating and restoring joy for Australian children recovering from abuse.

Our Mission
Smiling Children